Before You Apply

Potential applicants must meet the following conditions in order to apply for funding:

  • A charitable, nonprofit entity, not a private foundation, with tax exempt status under Section 501(c)(3) of the IRS code, and under Section 170 (c).
  • The program impacts in Colorado, Wyoming and/or Montana.
  • Program fits within one or more of the Foundation’s current funding priorities:
  • Faith-Based Education
  • Service to the Poor and At-Risk
  • The Promotion of the Sanctity of Human Life
  • Evangelization and Discipleship

The Foundation will not make the following types of grants.

Any request for funding for these purposes will be denied.

  • Grants to individuals for any purpose
  • Grants for political purposes
  • Grants for the “arts & culture”
  • Grants for endowment funds or debt reduction funds
  • Grants for lobbying activities
  • Grants for purposes outside of the Foundation’s funding priorities

Letters of inquiry are accepted prior to grant applications. All letters will be acknowledged. If the Foundation finds the request appropriate for further consideration, the applicant will receive an approval e-mail directing them back to the original web link in order to access the electronic application.

Who We Support

Our foundation supports the following programs:

  • Support our mission

    The Foundation is interested in organizations and programs that fit within our mission to build family values and create assets for communities.  We believe that assets are not just buildings but the people residing within the community.  Our goal is to support programs that help people achieve their highest potential to become contributing citizens within their communities.

  • Support our current funding priorities

    Our current funding priorities include Faith-Based Education, The Sanctity of Human Life, Evangelization and Discipleship and Service to the Poor and At-Risk.  Programs that address two or more of these funding priorities are looked upon more highly than those that fit only one of these parameters.

  • Encourage and promote the Christian faith

    Although the Foundation will support organizations that do not have a Christian component, our primary desire is to support programs that directly or indirectly encourage the Christian faith and leading a Christian life.

  • Help to break the cycle of poverty

    The Foundation believes that education is the key to breaking the cycle of poverty.  We support programs that educate poverty stricken adults and children so that they will have opportunities to move out of poverty rather than stay in the same cycle.

  • Plant seeds of change within an organization or community

    Our desire is to provide seed funding to help organizations establish sound programs that support our mission.  Once the programs are established and viable it is the Foundation’s desire to move on and encourage the financial independence of the grantee.

  • Demonstrate significant volunteer and/or financial support from their communities

    The Foundation is most interested in programs and organizations that are highly respected within their communities and can demonstrate volunteer and financial support from the community.