The foundation utilizes the following 4 step application process to determine organizations that will be funded.

In order to be fair to all applicants, the Foundation has adopted the following 4 step grant application process to select organizations that will be funded.  All organizations must follow this process.


The potential applicant carefully reviews the Foundation guidelines, funding priorities, grant process and funding criteria using this website to determine whether the organization and the program are something that the Foundation would consider funding.  If your organization qualifies, you may proceed to Step 2.

Letter of Inquiry

In this step the applicant creates an account in our online grant application system or accesses their already created account to submit a Letter of Inquiry (LOI). Once submitted, the Letter of Inquiry is reviewed by the Foundation to determine if the project and organization is a good match with its mission and current funding priorities.  If the Foundation determines that there is a good match, the prospective applicant will be notified by email and invited to Step 3 to submit a full grant proposal.  If the LOI is approved, a full online grant proposal must be completed.  Applicants whose LOI’s are not approved will be notified by email.  The Letter of Inquiry step saves both the potential applicant and the Foundation time and valuable resources that are required to complete and review an application that has little chance of being funded.


The invited applicant logs into the Martin Family Foundation website to complete a full grant application by the due date. The Foundation board carefully evaluates the proposal against our grant criteria.  Our grant criteria includes, but is not limited to, how closely the program fits our mission, current funding priorities, type of support requested and amount of community support for the project.

Board Decision

Each application is individually reviewed by each board member. At the board meeting all applications are reviewed and funding is determined. All Board decisions are final and all applicants will be notified of the decisions within 2 weeks of the Board meeting.